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Not possible to rejoin a zoom meeting.


Was invited to join an external training on Zoom and received the link.
We don't use ZOOM at work, so did not have a ZOOM account nor the app, and joined through the browser link.

Could connect to the meeting, but it did not start yet. So I disconnected.
Bit later, I joined again but could not, because received the message that I already joined this meeting on another device.  (which was not the case, because I disconnected)
Have tried everything:
- Restart the browser.
- Restart the laptop.
- Tried to access from my mobile phone.
But kept getting this message.

Then tried to access through another email, but that was not possible because the link was apparently attached to a specific email.

Created an account specifically to submit a ticket, but you can't submit a ticket with the free account.
So here I am trying through the community option.



Today was part 2 of the training, and they reused the same webinar meeting number. But get the same error message. Also cleared cookies, but still get the message I am already joined from another device.

- It does not state WHICH device. (which would be so useful.)
- Neither an option to overrule that. (which would be even more useful)

Seems basic info/feature for me to have.

Now I missed again the training.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Rivano welcome to the community! So sorry for the experience you are having with joining your Zoom Webinar. It appears that someone else is using the same link as you, or that you are both signed into your account and present in the meeting. You can only restrict devices when authentication or registration is required. Thinking you maybe using someone else unique link. Have you asked for Webinar ID and Passcode and attempted to join with that method? Thinking it maybe from the invite link. Most of the time, this occurs when someone registers and then forwards the unique link to multiple people. Just a suggestion. 


If you log into the Zoom Desktop Client, you should see an option on the first tab to switch to your current device, that would infer that someone else is logged into your account, and you should go to, sign in and on your profile page you cab sign out of all devices.

Zoom Community Moderator

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