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No share when host Joins


A host cannot screen share when 'Join' a meeting after participants have joined. No viewed documents appear in the Share Screen window. Share works when the host starts the meeting. This has not been a problem until recently. There have been no changes in Settings. Thanks for any advice.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @Onplane –


I can only think of one situation where this might occur:

  • someone else started the meeting, they might still be the host, and you did not Reclaim Host when you entered
  • the setting to allow participants other than the host to Share a screen is not set

 In a case like this, you can either:

  • Reclaim Host on the Participant Window
  • Ask the person who still has Host to make you the host
  • Ask the person who still has Host to grant permission for participants to Share Screen

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I think you identified the problem. When this occurred, one participant had joined with their mike on in spite of having 'Mute all participants when they join a meeting' enabled. That participant likely started the meeting. I did not check Participants to see who was hosting as you suggested. Next time it happens I will know what to do. Thank you for answering.