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New Editing Process is Horrible and Confusing


Can someone explain to me how to use the new editing feature for new recordings?

I click "cut"/"trim", and the only thing I can do is "add" material. I don't want to add anything. All I need to do is cut and discard the first couple of minutes of my meeting. I use this feature several times a day for my classes and am required to post my videos. I'm trying to find help with this question, but my school's plan doesn't provide live support. The Bot doesn't understand what I'm asking either. 

Can someone help?

Zoom- please revert to the old method of editing our videos until you can work out a better system that your users understand. I have read several other users' comments as well, and we're all having the same problem.

Perhaps, you can do this TODAY?



PLEASE fix this asap! Now when I simply try to trim a recording, the way I've always done it, it says "Move Your Cursor Here to Add Sections"! I can't deliver this recording to the client unless I clean up the opening and closing. What the heck? PUT BACK THE SCISSORS "TRIM" FUNCTION! 


Yes - please revert to old method until this is fixed. The old way was so easy and seamless and this new trim process doesn't work.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Some notes on the new changes to trim recording changes can be found here:


Some updated instructions can be found here:


If you want to give specific feedback, you can do that here:


Or if you have a particular roadblock, and if you have a Paid account, you can always contact Support here:


You can also check out some other Community discussions about Trimming here:


Hope this helps.