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Music goes distorted when streaming fitness class


Hey guys and girls

weve been having some nightmare issues with our fitness class streams.. At random times throughout the class the music would go from perfect digital quality to suddenly sound like it’s muffled and underwater distorted. We have all of the audio setting set perfectly for optimum sound as well so we know it’s not a settings issue and must be hardware (we think!). 

So we’ve tried to go through a process of elimination to work out what the problem is.. So we’ve switched the camera to something a lot simpler (we were using a go pro and running it through a piece of hardware called a  black magic to covert the video file) and it has seemingly helped the distortion issue greatly but it still goes horrible at about the 40 minute mark of every class (which is a lot better than what it was with the other camera). So it makes me think that it may be a file size issue? Is there a limit with the size of the file you can push through zoom? Ie does the size of the broadcast you are trying to send through affect the quality or put stress on the steam? And does the loudness of the music / microphone affect the size of a file?
You will see as per the screenshot that the average file size for our sessions is 1.3gb…
Thanks for any light you may be able to shed guys.




I have the exact problem when I'm teaching classes.  The music starts of sounding great and then at about the 20min mark starts to sound muffled.  I have an expensive mic, camera and mixer and have all the settings correct.  Would love the answer to this question.  There must be something interfering with the connecting or as you said the bandwidth.  Was also thinking it could be an interference from other Bluetooth device in room so disabled that with no luck.   Very frustrating problem when you are running a business through this portal and rely on it being consistent plus the recordings for playback for students.  Would love to have this sorted as I have spent endless hours going through tech stuff and getting over it.  If you find any answers, please share.  


I have. a problem with violin lessons hearing the teacher at all times  while he plays the violin

The music sounds fine and then only silence but I can see him playing

It drives me crazy perhaps certain violin sounds are not  recognized by zoom  depending on zoom bandwith

capacity   at different times


anyone else has this problem?






when I contact Zoom i never hear back


Hey there, just wondered if you have resoled your problem above?  I am having that same problem and have bee working on resolving it since beginning of November with no luck.


  • We also run fitness classes, you have to share the sound directly from the computer and use a USB mic or AirPods if you also need to cue over the music.


I’m having the same issue at times, we use a soundboard. Could it be the settings? It’s strange how it’s fine at some point and then changes. Seems that many people are using this platform for fitness/teaching with music and it would be threat to get some answers. 
In the past I have worked with a consultant who helped me determine the settings and it was fine then, but maybe when there’s a new update things change??