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New Breakout Rooms not included when participants open the 24 hour Zoom Room


I have a Zoom Pro account and have a Zoom Room that anyone with the ID and Passcode can start/join at any time 24 hours a day. It has 6 breakout rooms that anyone can join at any time of their choosing.

We manually close the meeting room once every 24 hours.


When someone other than myself is the first to open the Zoom Room for that day and they open the Breakout Rooms, they know to choose the option to let any participant join whatever Zoom Room they wish. The Zoom Breakout Rooms options are set by default to let any participant to return to the main room when they wish.


I just added a 7th breakout room. When I am the person to open the Zoom room, all 7 breakout rooms appear. But when someone else opens the Zoom room, only the original 6 Breakout rooms appear.


Adding a new breakout room did not cause this problem before - but it is a problem now.


  1. How do I set things up so that when anyone opens the Zoom Room and the Breakout Rooms that *all* 7 of the Breakout Rooms appear? That used to happen automatically but now it doesn't.
  2. Is there a way to set opening the breakout rooms to default to *allow participants to choose the breakout room* instead of defaulting to the host assigning people to the breakout rooms?
  3. Is there a way, when closing the breakout rooms, to set by default the closing time to 15 secs rather than the default 60 secs?

Thank you for your responses...



Listen it’s OK you can try shutting your device down and turning it back on OK if that still doesn’t work you have to shut it back down leave it f15 minutes turn it back on log into the same account and if it works it works if it doesn’t I will get your email from the Reply and I hope I can make it work again so you have a blessed day


The Breakout Rooms have all completely disappeared. I need better support than this.  How do I get in touch with tech support. I have wasted a considerable amount of time on this. I have been a paying customer for over 2 years. I am finding this support process very frustrating.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

To open a Zoom support ticket; 


Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 10.12.50 AM.png


More Zoom support options (depends on your account type) 





Zoom refused to respond to submitted support tickets. As soon as I submitted a ticket, it was marked "solved" in less than 30 sec with no response. I then got an email that the ticket could not be responded to at this time and to check online resources.

There is *absolutely* nothing in the online resources that address this issue and I spent literally hours going through them all. 

I submitted the tickect 5 times, as well as **indicating that online resources did *not* the problem**.

All I got was the exact same response each time-ticket immediately marked "solved" and then an email saying zoom could not address this ticket at this time and to check online resources.

I finally figured out a work-around to the problem -- basically tricking Zoom into doing what it was supposed to do -- this solution did *not* appear in any online resource.

I fully plan to switch to a competitor as soon as one is avaialble - and ot take as many Zoom customers wiht me as I can.

Shame in Zoom!