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(Need an Enlightenment) Is Wireless Headphone Audio Quality Influenced by the Internet Connection?


Hello, Community!

I hope you are doing well!


Like the title above, would you happen to know something about it? Please let me know.


I just got my brand-new wireless headphone for my virtual class via ZOOM. Frequently, there is a glitch in the audio I received from my student and my student experienced an error in my audio (he said I spoke like a robot).

In another situation, I used the same headphones to watch YouTube and listen to music, which sounded perfect.


Thank you,




My experience is that Bluetooth headphones can be less than perfect and have random glitches or less than ideal quality as you describe. I think it partly depends on the quality of the headset and partly on the Bluetooth environment.I do believe there's an element of "get what you pay for".  In any case, anything wireless is subject to variances.  

Variability of the internet connection can compound the difficulty, but if you can compare the headset sound with a wired mic sound at the same time, that would narrow down the source of glitch.