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My recording is STILL "processing"!


I recorded a class today at 11:30am, and 4.5 hours later it is STILL "processing."  I recorded another class at 12:30pm, and I received that recording right away.  Please help.




Why is my Zoom recording still processing?
Your Zoom recording will usually finish processing at twice the meeting length after the end of the meeting, though it can take longer - up to 72 hours, depending on Zoom's current recording load. If your meeting lasted 30 minutes, it will likely take 60 minutes to process after the meeting has ended


Mine too. It's been 12 hours now. It was a 2 hour lecture and still showing as recording still being processed.  




Same here - still waiting almost 12 hours after a 60-min meeting was recorded. I've never had this issue before. 

Exactly the same here! Is there anyway to get an actual human to help with this?? I am frustrated with the chatbot


Yep.  Here, too.  First time ever, and I've been using this platform since long before Covid.  I suspect it's an issue on their end.  Maybe the end of summer term for a lot of places, so their servers are a bit overwhelmed?


A response from Zoom support (I think? Someone named Will responded to the first entry in the thread) stated that it could take up to 72 hours before the recording is available! I've never had to wait that long, but you may be right about servers being overwhelmed. 


Seems like some of us had the same problem yesterday! Has anyone gotten their recordings? 

Not yet ... Still waiting. Hope I receive it soon as otherwise I have to record this 2 hour lecture again 

JUST UPDATED MY ACCOUNT AND FOUND MY RECORDING! After 26 hours of waiting, good luck everyone

Not yet! 16 hours and counting...


I FINALLY got mine.  Like another person said, it was about 26 hours after recording.  Good luck to the rest of y’all.

My recording was completed at some point over the weekend.




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I was trying to record a meeting and have it set to do it automatically, but nothing has popped up with it saying it is processing. Does that mean it didnt record?

Look under recordings. If it is not there, either complete or with the word "processing" beside it, it most likely did not record. Mine always says "recording in progress" when I start my meeting.


Morning I have recorded 4 classes yesterday. One of the recordings are done but the other three are still processing after 24 hours. What can I do? I need to upload these lessons for students and can not do this. please I need urgent support

I had a recording that took 36 hours. I recorded Thursday evening and it was finally done this morning. I think there must be high volume times that cause some to take longer. I know it is frustrating. I had students waiting too. Hope it processes soon for you.

Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi @troseen! Are you still having issues with cloud recordings stuck in processing? There was an AWS outage on 7/28 and Zoom had an update on August 7 to help resolve this issue. See the Web release notes from August 7 here. Hope that helps!