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FIREFOX: Zoom client will not open when links are clicked on within Firefox browser


I have disabilities and have spent countless hours attempting to gain help from Zoom via 3 phone calls and 2 support tickets, but they do not care to help me at all unless I pay them a ton of money, that I absolutely do not have. Maybe someone here can and will be able to help me?


Up until now, my Zoom app (downloaded to the hard drive of my Macbook Pro laptop) has always opened Zoom meeting links via the Zoom client app downloaded to my hard drive. However, this past week, it has not been working. When I click on a meeting link, and the Zoom web page opens, the meeting does not open at all, and there is also not a little drop down from the top of the webpage (as an alternative to click on like there used to be). Also, I usually even open the Zoom client app in advance before meetings, in case it needs an update.

When I click on the blue "Launch Meeting" icon at the bottom of the Zoom web page, still nothing happens. I then click on "Join from Your browser" at the bottom where it says, "Having issues with Zoom Client?" However, when I join from there on the web browser version only, not only do my personal settings (photo, pronouns, etc.) not show up, but everyone's videos are very choppy or frozen and that is not something I can endure, nor should I have to. 


I did all the troubleshooting that I could think of myself, and I searched the Community help forum pages. No luck at all. But I have now realized that I am not even having this problem on Google Chrome. The problem is only happening on the Firefox browser. Strangely, my Firefox browser is actually fully up-to-date. It is my Google Chrome browser that can no longer be updated, due to my older iOS operating system limitations! I ONLY use Firefox for everything graduate school related and for streaming videos however, for that very reason as well, and so I NEED for my Zoom client to work via clicking on links through the Firefox browser. What is the problem?


Firefox works better and faster than Google Chrome for me, for EVERYTHING else, other than Zoom. I have no idea what is going on. And Zoom does not care about me, my disabilities, or my problems with Zoom. I can only HOPE that someone in this community is both Zoom and tech saavy enough to be able to help me resolve this. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF SO, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! Compassion and empathy seem to be more rare than ever these days!



I am a technology specialist for my church and deal with all kind of disability situations - blind, deaf, hard of hearing, memory issues, etc. So I can understand your frustrations. Do understand that a lot of software engineers only test their code in chrome and not firefox. Firefox is more security conscious than chrome and often catches such issues especially with higher security settings. Using firefox 113.0.2 (64-bit) on windows 11 the Zoom link appears to work fine. However, recently Zoom updated there terms and added an additional JOIN button to accept those terms before joining. if that window got sent behind other windows you may not see it. If you have never responded to this request it may still be asking you to do so. If you reach a point where you feel you need assistance you can contact me directly. i resolve issues like this everyday for our church members who are not able to attend in person.


Oh this is so very kind of you. Thank you for responding to me. I will see if I can figure out where the latest Firefox terms and JOIN button is, if that is something I have not done that might be causing the problem. If I do not have success, then I suppose I will message you back here. I will also check what version Firefox I have, but I do have an old iOS rather than windows. Good night for now!

The JOIN button comes from Zoom when you click on the meeting link. It is not a function of Firefox. Be careful not to click on the Firefox window too quickly as that may cause the pop-up window to be sent behind the firefox window.