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My meeting link shows waiting room between is not

I am already using zoom and have a meeting link ongoing 
Don't need to klearn the steps 
The room link error need to be fixed 
I need to speak with someone from the costumer services and check the steps!
Everytime my students try to join the zoom link shows it's expired link or the room
But anytime my student join the link tell them on waiting room 
Andbwhen i try to join tell me another meeting is running and must to close first 
Between no other meetings running 
I change the password 
And delete the meeting link and created another one 
And tried many solutions 
I want you to refund my money and i will make another account 
It have been 2 weeks of waisting time ! And trying many solutionand reading your articles and nothing works 
I have been been a pro account holder for 3 years 
And this account has a problem 
The only solution left is to delete it if you didn't fix this error 
But you must refund me my money back 
The only way to run the link is That I must to log in with the account and press end the other meeting and then be in the meeting by the main account 
And that's too much complications for no reason 
Between my other accounts and links dont do that!! 
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