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Multiple Users on Acuity needing separate Zoom meeting links


We have a website that is linked to Acuity Scheduler where we have multiple practitioners each with their own calendar and each having their own client session bookings.

For each of these client sessions, the practitioners must have a Zoom room link available to share that is different and private from all other clients and the other practitioners.

Acuity allows only one Zoom account to be linked to an Acuity account so looking for solutions.


I've been looking at using the Zoom Sub-User feature, but it would require we purchase licenses for each Sub-User so they can host longer than 40-minute meetings. This would be an extra cost when they're already paying for a Zoom account as most of the practitioners have their own existing Zoom accounts already.


Also, I've been looking at Linking to an Organization but the more I read, it sounds like the existing Zoom accounts that get linked will no longer be recognized as separate accounts, which the practitioners will still need for other purposes outside of our website.


Lastly, I've discovered I can add separate static Zoom links to the booking response messages that are sent out from Acuity but this is very labour-intensive and each client would receive the same Zoom link. Trying to avoid this option if possible.


Any suggestions??


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Gridz welcome to the community! Curious but have you looked into Zoom Scheduler by chance? You are able to select from one-to-one, one-to-many, or multi-person scheduling options to find a time that works for you and your clients. 


Here are some use-case that maybe best for you! 


You have the ability to either schedule team or individual bookings, you can see the different use-cases within the screenshot. 



You would set this up like a meeting, your set duration, schedule name, etc.


You also have the option to distribute differently where you can either go by priority or evenly schedule it out between your practitioners 


Is this something you've looked into? If you're looking for specific topics or how to set-up scheduler, you can look into knowledge base articles on Zoom Scheduler


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