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Multiple Google Accounts - Switching Doesn't Prompt Choice


I have multiple google accounts, and I sometimes use another account for work I do with that team.  When I am in the Windows app, I click on the profile to the switch accounts and it automatically switches to one of my google accounts, but doesn't let me choose which one and it keeps choosing the wrong one. I searched the knowledgebase for this and it said it would open a browser to let me choose which google account, but that isn't happening. 


How do I switch to a different google account?



I see no one responded to this, so I'm hoping my useless, "yeah, I have that problem too" message will help. 

In the Zoom app on both my iMac and MacBook, one in Big Sur, the other in Monterey, while in one of my two Google-associated accounts (both of which are established and previously used in Zoom), I click my profile icon on the top right, choose "Switch Account," which brings me to a sign-in dialogue that offers sign in with (among others) Google. I click on the Google icon, expecting the familiar prompt of selecting from a list of my Google accounts, but that prompt does not come up. Instead, it brings me back to the Home screen, still signed into the account I wanted to switch from

Why is it ignoring my wish to switch? After all, that function is supposed to switch between accounts, not simply to automatically sign me in to the account I'm already in.   I already signed into both accounts on my browser, so that's not it either.  [SCREENSHOTS ATTACHED]

Hoping this makes it all clear enough for someone to answer.  Thanks.