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Missing recording


Hi - I just had a zoom meeting and recorded the session to my local drive. When logging into Zoom and navigating to the Local Recordings page, I can see the meeting, (it has already been converted) but when clicking to OPEN the recording, it does not exist on my hard drive.


I clicked the link as soon as the recording finished, so I know it hasn't been deleted. 


Thanks -- 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Chris, 


 There are two ways that you can attempt to resolve this issue. One is go to this support article and run through the troubleshooting steps.


The second is submit a support ticket to our team and they can attempt to help you restore the recording. Please note that if the hard drive corrupted this file there is a chance we will not be able to save it. I recommend that if you can record to the cloud and then download the file to your hard drive, then delete the cloud recording if you no longer need it on the cloud. Reason being is that if anything goes wrong in that process, it is on our servers and we can restore it for you quickly and easily. 




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Convert using the Zoom desktop client
For versions 4.6.10 or higher, you can't convert local recording files by double-clicking the Zoom files. You must follow the steps below to manually convert the files:

Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
Click the Meetings tab.
Click the Recorded tab.
Select the meeting topic with the local recording.
Click Convert.
Confirm a local recording file/s location
When you locally record a meeting or webinar and that session is ended, Zoom creates a folder on your device based on the location configured in your Zoom desktop client. To check where that folder is created, please follow the steps:

Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
Click the settings icon
Click Recording
The path listed within the Store my recordings at field is where your local recordings are saved.
Note: If the path listed is not physically located on your device where you perform the local recording at (for example your network drive), it will cause quality issues with your recording.
If for some reason, the recording cannot be found on the path listed within the Zoom desktop client, you may confirm the local recording file location by following these steps:

Sign in to the Zoom web portal
Click Recordings then Local Recordings
You can locate the specific meeting or webinar ID and confirm the exact location of the local recording files listed under Location.
Convert a local recording manually
Once you have confirmed the local recording file location, you should see double_click_to_convert_01.zoom and double_click_to_convert_02.zoom. You can manually convert the recording when you double-click on file double_click_to_convert_01.zoom.

If nothing happens or you get a prompt asking you how to open the file, please follow these steps:

When prompted with How do you want to open this file,

Click More apps.
Click Browse.
Go to Local Disk and follow path C:/Users/(PC username)/AppData/Roaming/Zoom/bin
Click zTscoder.exe and make sure zTscoder.exe is displayed in the How do you want to open this file window.
(Optional) Select the box for Always use this app to open .zoom files.
This will ensure that it will use the same application when manually converting a local recording again.
Click OK and wait for the local recording conversion to complete.



Rachel Gomez