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Missing Recurring Meeting Link


I belong to a group that has a recurring weekly meeting, of which I have been the moderator for about 3 months. I always start  Zoom, hit Switch Account and login with the Group's credentials. I always see a link  for a Personal Meeting  ( I believe this is associated with our group's first moderator,, along with our Group's recurring meeting link.

This Saturday, when I logged in, our recurring meeting was missing. I was perplexed, staring at the screen, when suddenly that link appeared.

My question is simply--how can this happen? Does it mean that someone who knows  the  Group's credentials was logged on before me, and when she logged off, that link appeared for me? Or am I just assuming someone else was in there? Is there another explanation? Is my scenario even plausible? I thank you in advance for an answe to what might seem like a really stupid question  to a lot of you. Please understand, there are a lot of anonymity issues surrounding my Group, and I am very concerned about what happened.


Thank you!


Community Champion

Hi @calgal1077 

Its hard to say what exactly the issue with your recurring meeting is without knowing more info. 

  • Have you checked your list of previous meetings on the web portal? Maybe you ran out of occurrences and thus the meeting is moved to previous meetings. This is an easy fix to edit the meeting and reschedule it for a future date. 
  • If its not on the list of previous meetings, it may have been deleted. Meeting IDs will expire after not being used for so much time.


Thank you for answering. I'll check what you suggested tomorrow (I'm in bed already--I've gotten very old lately 🤣), but now I have another question: Would what you suggest the problem might be  allow for the recurring meeting link to suddenly reappear while I happened to be staring at the screen?  




Community Champion

Hi Betsey, 

Hard to say why that happened without knowing the initial cause of the missing meeting. Let me know if you have any more issues with this! 


I regularly enter Zoom and have no links except my personal link.  I hit Home...then return to the Meetings screen and they appear.  ????  No idea why ????  But I'm with you in solidarity.  🙂


I am missing all my recurring meetings! Nothing shows in Previous either. I have almost 50 clients with "recurring meetings". My only work around today was to search my email to find the link I sent them previously. This is beyond frustrating, especially that I've now subscribed to Zoom.