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Meeting disappeared from Meetings List




So my colleague created a new meeting that is set to occur on January 25th, but it apparently disappeared from the Meeting list on the Web Portal.


The meeting is still working : when I enter the ID and password, it looks like everything is fine and I got the message that the reunion is set to start on the 25th at the right time.


However, it is nowhere to be found on the portal, but I can see other future meetings so it's not like everything is gone.


Would you have an idea of what's going on ?  Thanks a lot !


not on your own. Ii would reach out to Zoom support. they may not give you the Information but they may contact the Host.

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if the colleague created the meeting then they are the meeting Host. The meeting will appear on their account page under upcoming meetings. if you were sent a meeting invitation and you are using outlook you can integrate the calendar into zoom and then all of your calendar appt. will appear on the home screen of the zoom desktop client. 

Thanks for the quick reply !


However, I have the access to his account and while he is the host of the meeting, it does not appear under upcoming meetings on his account, that is why I don't understand what's going on.

maybe check past meetings. just in case it was setup incorrectly with a past date. 

It is not in past meetings and I am sure that the date is correct because when I try to join the meeting, it asks for the ID and the password first, then shows me the correct date and hour on screen.


are either you or the host an admin on the account? if so you can access the zoom dashboard and search for the meeting id in there. 


also just thought that possibly the host could have created the meeting under another zoom account. does the meeting id appear in the hosts upcoming meetings? if not then perhaps its was created on another zoom account. 

I am actually connected with the account and when I tried to access the dashboard I got "Error 200 : no privilege ". 

About the meeting being created with an other account, I thought about it, is there any way I can identify the host of a meeting with its ID ?


Your help is very much appreciated by the way, thanks a lot !!

not on your own. Ii would reach out to Zoom support. they may not give you the Information but they may contact the Host.

Thanks man, it worked like a charm.