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Meeting controls vanished for co-hosts


So today I was hosting an event, and I had three co-hosts. I was also logged in myself on a spare device in case of tech failure. Just as well, as today my main device did indeed turn off while I was presenting. I switched to my spare device, which had automatically become the host. But all the meeting controls, like breakout rooms, vanished, for all of us on there, host and cohosts. They did not reappear until I logged back into the meeting on the main zoom account, as the original meeting host. We tested this again after the meeting ended, and the same thing happened, no controls, even though the meeting had a host and co-hosts. I have checked all the account settings, I can't see anything there that would explain this. It was incredibly disruptive for the meeting, as breakout rooms are integral, and we ended up having to end the meeting and restart it for all, in order to get the controls back. 


Has anyone got any idea why this happened, or how to prevent it in future?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Agreed that it is unusual behavior. There are a couple of keyboard commands that affect the visibility of the Zoom toolbar that you might try to see if it encourages an appearance.


  1. Tapping the ALT key on Windows or CTRL+\ on MacOS will toggle "Always show meeting controls"
  2. Ctrl-Alt-Shift+H will "Show/Hide Floating Meeting Controls" on Windows
  3. Ctrl-Command-Option+H will "Show/Hide Floating Meeting Controls" on MacOS

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen