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Changing presenters from the host position for hybrid meetings


Not unlike a newscast where one person controls what is being shown on the screen, I want to be able to switch from an on site webcam, over to a remote speaker, then back to an "on site" speaker, then to a power point, and back and forth as I need to without having a cadre of cohosts who have to continually share screen and then stop share screen. 

Can this be done?



If the meeting host loses the connection due to power or internet service interruption, Zoom will assign a random participant as the host. To choose a co-host at the beginning of a meeting, click on a participant name and choose “Assign as co-host.” If the host gets bumped off, the co-host can keep the meeting open.



Hello James. Thank you for the kind response unfortunately I did not make myself clear. Forget anything to do with connectivity or assigning roles.

What I would like to do is have the host control what is being projected to an audience and shown online to remote viewers from multiple sources. Normally you might have a co-host with a cellphone  or a webcam recording a guest speaker who is in the room with the audience. Now without having the cpo-host share their screen or unshare, I want to be able to switch cameras from thew host position.  Think broadcast booth where the director changes cameras to get different anglews or switch to a film clip then back to the speakers without having the co-hosts do anything.