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Meeting SDK use for my platform




I have a web-platform where people can register and ask questions or chat. So, normally, 2 people will be in one meeting. They are just web attendees. I just have one zoom account (one host). Because the users may not have Zoom app installed  or zoom account registered on the laptops, I started to use Meeting SDK to help. Meeting SDK can be embedded into my system. I have implemented this feature. Basically, im using my account to generate whole bunch of meeting links for my users. But, i will not attend their meetings, which means host is not there.


Now i want to achieve two goals:

1. increase the meeting time limitation from 40 mins to at least 60 mins per meeting.

2. I want unlimited concurrent meetings in a certain time period (e.g. 11 a.m - 12 p.m) for my customers.


The important thing is the number of people on this website is dynamic. I might have 200 people in this month and 50 people in the next month. So, is there a solution from Zoom to help me with this?