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Loosing connectin with Jabra Pro headset


Recently I started having problems with connectivity between Zoom and my Jabra Pro headset, which previously worked fine.  When I start Zoom on a Windows 11 PC, and select my Jabra headset, all is good, but after a short time, I get the zoom message: "Failed to detect your microphone and speakder. Pleae make sure your devices are properly connected."  At this point, I lose audio, but when i clck on the button in the error screen that says "Check my audio devices" my audio is immediately restored, only to have this happen seconds to minutes later.  Hoping someone else has solved this problem, thanks.



Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the necessary Bluetooth drivers as a start. Then reboot your system and see if it has resolved the issue. You may have a corrupted driver or perhaps a recent update to an operating system is causing issues with compatibility between devices.


Hope this helps you out,

Thanks for the suggestion.  My Jabra Pro connects with USB and I have the latest version installed, so doesn't depend on Bluetooth.  Yet this started suddenly, so I suspect it may be related to Windows or Zoom update?