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photo not showing on screen when camera off


I have downloaded a photo, but it doesn't show when I'm in a zoom call and stop my camera...just my name shows.


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Zoom Moderator

Hi! Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Profile. Then, click your profile picture to add your photo or change it. For more information, check out this article Hope this helps! 

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Zoom Moderator

Hi! Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Profile. Then, click your profile picture to add your photo or change it. For more information, check out this article Hope this helps! 

I have done what you recommend and it still does not work. When in a meeting it is just my name when I turn the video off and I have a photo uploaded.  One other thing, when I am on a Zoom meeting that someone else is hosting my name is in all lower case. 

Same here!


This issue is listed as "Resolved" but it is NOT Resolved!

Like the other people who have posted here, I already added my picture. My manager is complaining that I'm not using my photo.
 How do we re-open this issue so that Zoom will actually fix it?!

It is still not resolved and it is 5/29/22.

This needs to be fixed

Hey! As long as I log in to the Zoom desktop application FIRST (before joining a meeting) my picture shows up. If I just click an invitation link without logging into the desktop app it's a no go for the picture. Here's a link to same issue. Hope this helps! 🙂

I can't find a solution anywhere that works to get my photo to show when I turn off the video. Did anyone find a solution since I can't seem to get one from Zoom?

No photo option UNLESS I am the host


I did this , the picture is there but doesn't show on zoom when I'm in a call.  Now what please?  I am not the host.


This is only sort-of a solution.  While it is true that if you go to and log in to your zoom web portal FIRST, your picture will appear.  But that only works if you are the host, or the meeting you are joining is in the same SSO group or zoom account as you.

The problem occurs because most people don't send the meeting ID and the password - they only send the link.  And you can't log into your web portal first and then click on the link - it undoes your logging in and takes you in as a guest.  So your picture, again, doesn't show up.

Once I discovered this, I started asking organizers to always include the meeting id and password in the invitation.  Then I log in to the web portal, choose join and enter the meeting ID and password.

And boy am I getting sick of going through all that trouble just to get my picture to appear. 

Isn't there a way of logging in and THEN clicking on a link to get into a meeting?

Or a way of saving my profile picture even when I'm not logged in?

Any help you could give would be much appreciated.  

That didn’t work for me 

Since there were about 6 different ways to get your picture to appear when you turn your video off, you will need to clarify "which" of the "that" didn't work.  Did you login to your account where your profile picture is stored, click on JOIN, and enter the meeting ID and password?  


Agreed! Wishing they would solve this issue!!!



Same here. I haven't had my profile picture show for over a week while others on the call have theirs showing..whether i am signed in or not 😞


You have to do more than sign in - you have to sign in and then manually enter the meeting id and password.  If you use the link, it signs you out and enters you as a guest even if you just signed in.


I am having the same issue. When I am in my own Zoom account, only my name shows if my video is off, despite the fact that I have a profile pic in my profile. When I log on to other people's Zoom meetings, my photo shows up. Everything I've seen online I've either tried or I can't try (for example, people say to bring up the participant list, click the "more" button next to your name, and then click on "add profile picture." I don't get that option--I'm guessing because I already HAVE a profile pic; it just doesn't show up.


very frustrating to read all possible solutions and that nothing works!… a solution to this seemingly simple Problem is really expected from Zoom Support (and/or Community…).

what is the use of having a Profile picture if one cannot use it?!


OK, my bad. I figured out something that worked for me...I went into Settings/In Meeting (Basic) the very bottom of that section there is a setting "Hide participant profile pictures in a meeting." I turned it off and I now see my profile pic. Good luck.

I tried that.  Still nothing.

Very frustrating



That was already off for me.  My picture only shows up when I am in the host.

When you are not the host, you can still get your picture to appear if you log into your web portal (like you were going to host) but instead of going to meeting go to join and then enter the meeting id and password.  Then your profile picture will activate when you turn off your video. 


will try the security tab and unchecking hide profile next time on zoom




This happened to me also.  I went to my profile in the browser and deleted and re-added my photo.  Then, I had to activate it by hosting a zoom meeting (just myself).  I turned off the video and my photo was there!  I hope this works for you.


Thank you!


I have set up a second free account, and I have the same issue with both! When I turn my camera off in meetings, only my name shows, and I have a profile picture in both accounts. I'd never upgrade to a paid account while Zoom is unable to fix this type of issue.


The question isn't just whether you have uploaded a picture - it's HOW you get into the zoom call.  Did you just click on the link?  Or did you first go into your own account and use the JOIN option to enter the meeting ID and password for the zoom call you are going into?

Your photo will only appear when you are logged into your own account, and clicking on a zoom link can sign you out of your account so your picture won't appear.  (This doesn't ALWAYS happen, but is USUALLY happens.)

If this also happens when you are the host and you did log into your own account and START the meeting, then that would be a problem, but you didn't say that.  You just said "in a zoom call". 


I have been clicking the link provided. I will take your suggestion and log in to my account first, and then click Join. Thanks so much! 


I had the same issue. My photo wasn't showing while my camera was off (only my name) because I was entering meetings by opening the Zoom app versus logging in to Zoom through the Web portal. If you log in to Zoom via the web portal, then click Join and type in the Meeting ID (and password if necessary), then when you turn your camera off the photo that you have uploaded to your Zoom profile will show instead of your name. A Listener sent this suggestion and it worked for me. I hope this works for you too!


This is a cumbersome solution to a very basic issue that must be plaguing millions of Zoom users.  Of course we choose to sign in to meetings hosted by others by just clicking on the link they provide instead of following the recommended workaround.  Why won't Zoom fix it???