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Joining multiple different meetings simultaneously


Hi Zoom Community,


Looking for advice how to join multiple different meetings simultaneously.

I am a Licensed user. As to the level, I am not sure since the plan is hosted through my university.

(If there is a way to determine this, please also comment how to do this!)

I went to my Meeting Settings and turned on the "Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop".

I know it is turned on because the toggle is blue.

I closed the Zoom application completely and refreshed my desktop.

When I opened Zoom up again, I could join one meeting using the url and entering the meeting ID.

However, when I went to join my second meeting, Zoom gave me this notification "Join new meeting? You will have to leave this meeting to join the new meeting."" The options to close this notification "Leave & Join" or "Cancel".


By the way, I am not the host for either of these meetings.


Any suggestions are welcome!