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Join a meeting using QR code




It would be nice to be able to join a meeting in a Zoom Room using a QR code.

That would mean that the Zoom invitation mails also would need to have a QR code, that would be scanned by the Neat or Logi camera.


Is such a feature on the Zoom Room roadmap?



Interestingly, Zoom customers have been asking this question since 2021, but responses have been minimal.  I saw a link and clicked on it, but the page was removed.

I found that it could be done but only with those who have admin privileges.  The bureaucracy of an organization restricts use, but it is necessary that the creation of a QR code for students, or meeting members be regulated by the admin.  I teach several classes and manage centers on and off campus.  Creating QR codes for each should not be the burden of the admin but the individual creating the meetings.


Will Zoom change this? Or, at least respond to inquiries?