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Is there a way to prioritize the voice of one user?


At the ZOOM meeting, it seems that up to 3 people can play the voice at the same time, and when the 4th person makes a voice, the voice of the first voice is cut.
Is there a way to keep giving priority to the sound of this first sounding thing?

To be specific

Playing music from a single user while sharing slides during a meeting
Because we are sharing slides, we cannot share separate audio.
In this case, two users can speak in addition to the user playing the music, but the music will be cut as soon as the third user speaks.

To revive it, let ZOOM recognize that it will make a sound by stopping it and then playing it or raising the volume.

Ideally, I want the music to continue to play in the background even if multiple users speak.
Is there a good way?



Hi @warasi 


Shared Computer audio should act as a "bed" and not be interrupted (or "ducked") when other people are speaking.


How are you sharing your slides in a way you cannot share audio - are you sharing a file, rather than sharing a screen or window?


Is the music imbedded in your slides, or is it from a separate source?


Making sure your participants microphones are at a similar volume levels can also help.


Making sure everyone not speaking stays muted in Zoom can help.


Making sure everyone is using earphones can also help - so Zoom is not hearing your music come out of the speakers of the people who are trying to talk.


There will be a way of getting this work satisfactorily for you.










Thank you for your reply

Sorry for the slow response

The music is not played by the screen sharing function.

Screen sharing is done by another person.

So the music is played from a regular account

Because you can play music or jingle at any time, regardless of the timing of the shared slides.

Specifically, I am using manycam

This allows you to freely change the on / off fade-in / fade-out song of the music.

So when other people don't speak, I can play music very comfortably.

However, when multiple people speak or someone's microphone makes a strong attack noise, the music is interrupted.

That's why I was looking for a way to force the voice of the account that is playing the music to be prioritized.

If there is a good way, please let me know.

Hello @Rupert ,

you wrote:

Shared Computer audio should act as a "bed" and not be interrupted (or "ducked") when other people are speaking.

In my case, this is not working. I would like to, but it is not. Shared Computer Audio is ducked (and kind of muffled) when someone else in the meeting says something. It looks like Zoom gives a priority to the someone's microphone  over shared Computer Audio. I need to share my Computer Audio without ducking. How to accomplish this? Thank you!  

Hi Jozef did you find any kind of solution for this ???


I also want to play background music as a host, but having other participant speaking over it, and it always cuts background music as soon as speaking starts!!


Hello, not really. This is still not working properly. The workaround for that is to use two different sound cards for the host outputs. One is standard Windows output (this is what becomes shared computer audio) and second separate output is for Zoom Speaker. For me as host it requires to have two sets of speakers or headphones+speakers. Which is not ideal but it works. But please is anyone will come with a better solution, let us know. Btw I am on Windows, not Mac.