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Invitation for one meeting with various start times


I am trying to set up a meeting with one breakout room that will go all day.  Some people will be invited to the entire session (the interviewers), though most will need to be invited for parts of the meeting (e.g., 4 interviewees to be there 9-10, 5 interviewees to be there 10-11, and so on).  They would all come to the meeting and then be placed in the breakout room at their scheduled time slot.  I can make the whole meeting invite, but when I try to adjust the time for these individuals, Zoom changes the whole meeting time.  If I copy the invite, I lose the calendar feature in Outlook.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



Set the meeting for all day, in invite tell each person when to arrive IN THE WAITING OOM and then at their appointed time bring them in to the meeting and place them in the waiting room where you want them. Be sure to let them know do NOT join the meeting until about 5 minutes before their time or they will simply be left in the waiting room until their appointed time.