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Individual Login?


Hi there,


we are hosting regular meetings for up to 20 participants. Usually they receive an invitation with the Zoom-login-link. Recently we are facing the problem that the link is being shared with outsiders who are not registered for the meeting. Therefore we would like to have individualized login-links in order to prevent sharing.

The meetings are protected by the waiting-room-functionality but as these outsiders must be considered "friends of our clients" we cannot reject them once they are in the wating-room. Accordingly we'd like to sort them out earlier in the process.

Is there any way to individualize the log-in link so that it can be used only by one participant?


Thanks for your help




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. There is nothing to keep someone from sharing a Zoom link. I have two suggestions. One, ask the people you are inviting not to share the link. That may or may not work. The second option is to use Zoom's registration feature. Make sure you use the feature Allow only Registered Email to Join Meeting. This is a great feature. Only users that register with an email can join your meeting. Even if someone that registered, and was approved, shares the meeting link with someone that didn't register, the user that didn't register can't join the meeting. I would probably do manual approval based on what you wrote. I made a video that covers this great Zoom feature.


I hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you need.