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Incorrect banning of a licensed account, part two.


How community of you to lock the first post, thus giving me no right to reply. Any chance of letting me know how long it will take for Appeals to get back to me? It’s already been three weeks.

Your sheepishness in wanting to discuss error 1132 any further only makes me even more cynical that there is something untoward going on here. I’ll remind you that you currently control my device, with no chance of ANY USER ever being able to run zoom on it, if the device is ever sold on. Some interesting tactics going on there, methinks. 
Can you give Appeals a nudge for me please, before a whole bunch of us decide to cancel our paid accounts out of disgust of being unsupported?


Zoom Moderator

@brianmusic Our trust & safety team will get back to you as soon as they can. If you do not receive anything from them within 30 days of your original report, please let us know.

Virginia (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team

30 days???? so my appeal submitted on 2nd Jan 2022 - not even an acknowledgement other than the automated "your appeal has been submitted" - Zooms service is shockingly less that satisfactory

Could you also please look into mine I also have the same issue from Melbourne Australia here error 1132 I Have raised 3 trust & safety appeals on Monday, 14 February 


could you kindly look into my issue  asap  please 


Zoom (lack of) service certainly is shocking. I’ll tell you something else too: when I finally get a response from them, I’ll be telling them I won’t be assisting them further in eradicating zoom bombing. I’m the guy who is stupidly reporting them, then getting  caught in subsequent crossfire. 
Oh, and error 1132 means they disable your device too, which is definitely a dodgy tactic. No wonder they won’t even acknowledge the code. Mad? You bet I am. A licensed account too…will they offer a discount? Of course they won’t. I’ve got a bunch of friends with paid accounts ready to cancel if this doesn’t get sorted pronto.

And these stupid badges they hand out on here…..nothing but patronising claptrap, surely designed to wind you up even more when you really need an answer and nothing is forthcoming. Utter tosh..