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Inability to set Allow Join Before Host on my mobile app ..?


Hi ZOOM Community,

I've a very frustrating issue here.

When looking to schedule a meeting via my mobile phone, I am unable to set the 

'Allow Participants to Join Before Host option' ... even though I have disabled 'Enable Waiting Room'.


However, I have successfully set it using the Zoom Web Portal via my laptop!?!

I really would welcome any guidance and suggestions !!!



The ability to set "Allow Join Before Host" might not be available on the mobile app version for certain platforms. This feature, allowing participants to join a meeting before the host arrives, might be limited to the desktop or web versions of the application.

To manage meeting settings like "Allow Join Before Host," try accessing the settings or preferences through the desktop or web version of the platform. If you're unable to find this option on the mobile app, using the desktop version might provide the necessary settings to enable this feature for your meetings.