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I want to create a meeting for 250 persons, 1 anfitrion


Hello! im not pretty sure if i want to create a session for 250 people it is necessary to pay the business option 18 $ approx and also i have to pay  licenses?? I only need at least 1 anfitrion and 250 participans.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@cguevaraa The business plan is a minimum of 10 licenses. If you do not need 10 licenses, I suggest just a single pro license with a large meeting 500 add-on. 
Having that meeting license and the large meeting 500 assigned to your user will allow for what you need. 

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Thanks for your quick response 

But if i take the single pro then i have to pay for the single pro and then for the extensión ... Around 50€


Mmm .. so why dont i take the business so then i only pay for the business plan because It suppports 300 users?