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I believe some of my zoom meetings have been hacked


Hi, I recently recorded an instance of possible third party hacking of a Zoom meeting of mine due to recorded voices of third parties making rude comments during a conference call. I have an audio snippets of one the incidents. The third party voice heard in the recording is shouting an expletive (his voice is slightly muffled but he can be heard shouting "WTF?!").  I'm not sure how my meeting was hacked as there were only 2 participants shown in the entire duration of the meeting. I can send the file to an admin via email. Please help me and thank you.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Arilamu25 welcome to the community! Im sorry to hear about this! I suggest submitting a report of a violation by completing the webform at


For future sake, ensure all security protocols are taken when setting up a Meeting or PMI, more info on Securing Your Meetings



Let me know how else I can help in the process, thanks! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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