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How to view video links recorded by government zoom by ordinary people


Someone recorded a video with government zoom, and I received a link to share the recording.
And it needs an account (e-mail) and password to access the link.
However, I am an ordinary person without a government Zoom account.
In this case, is there a procedure to temporarily access the account?
Or do I have to create a government zoom account at my company to access this link?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Junsoo welcome to the community! Believe you will need to work with the Account Admin in-order to view recordings with external single sign-on


For context, the (gov) account admin can configure external single sign-on (SSO). When using external authentication, other users do not need to be part of your Zoom account, but they must be using email addresses with a verified domain. Making this change will only impact future cloud recordings with this setting. For past cloud recordings, you must enable and disable the authentication profile for the new settings to be applied.


As to your experience I believe you're currently experience, which if a viewer tries to watch the recording and does not meet the defined authentication criteria, such as not being signed in with the correct email domain or not on the account, they will receive the message that they do not have permission to view the recording.


If the host and or admin change the share settings of a cloud recording, then it will generate a new share link and the old link will continue to work.

Zoom Community Moderator

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