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How to record the zoom meeting with 8 different translation language in it.



I wonder anyone have any suggestion for doing zoom meeting recording with 8 different language interpretation?

i currently using 8 different laptop to login to the zoom session and separately recording the meeting one by one local.

Is there any solution to suggest ? example using Cloud Virtual Desktop  or a certain device that can done with just minimun device?




Jason Loh (Malaysia, KL)


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Jason_Loh80 Thanks for contributing to Zoom Support.

Cloud recordings of interpretation sessions will only record the original audio of the meeting or webinar, not the translations. Local recordings of interpretation sessions will record any audio the person recording can hear, but not multiple audio channels.

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Shaimaa, i do understand about the cloud recording and also local recording. I'm looking for alternative solution to record all the 8 interpretation session in zoom using a much easier manage method rather than using 8 laptop and join 8 zoom, set each laptop in different interpretation channel to record their different language channel. 



Please request that Zoom add the feature to record language interpretation (at least audio) to the cloud.

Local recording is error prone and very troublesome to manage from an event management perspective. When we do such events, we always try to get two different people to record each language locally, because there's too great a chance that one of the recordings will fail.