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How to find view recorded zoom meeting please?


Hola!  This was my first time recording  a consolation via zoom. when the meeting was over I clicked "end recording" and It was saved on my apple laptop in the Files section under the zoom folder with the date, but it is not in video format so I am unable to watch it.  How can I change it to be able to watch it  or perhaps is there an easier way? is it saved in history in zoom website? I am not very techie... please help



Finding a recorded Zoom meeting is as straightforward as catching up on the latest news from your trusted sources. After your Zoom meeting has concluded, the recording is typically saved either on your local storage or in Zoom's cloud, depending on your settings. To access local recordings, navigate to the Zoom app, click on "Meetings," then switch to the "Recorded" tab; your recorded meetings will be listed there. For cloud recordings, simply log in to your Zoom web account, head over to the "Recordings" section, and voila!—you'll find all your recorded meetings neatly arranged. It's as easy as flipping to the news section of a newspaper to find the latest headlines.

I don't have a $ plan with zoom. I use the free version.  I also don't use the phone app I use the web version on my laptop. When I go to the zoom website there is no recording on the Meeting section or Recordings section, only explanations on how to record. 


The only place I can find of any evidence there was a recording is in My Files section but it is not a video format. Therefore my question still remains the same, how can I access my video recording please? Thank you


Hey, I have the same issue only when I try to open the recording it says it was either renamed or erased. Can you help please!!