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How to delete a poll?


This used to be an easy process but since the update, there no longer seems to be functionality to delete a poll from a meeting.  Furthermore, ALL polls saved in the Poll Library are showing up in ALL meetings which is a disaster.  Zoom please fix.  I'm using most current version on Chrome.  Does anyone have any solutions?



Same for us. Hopefully, Zoom will address this issue soon!


Would love a solution for this, it's greatly impacting our business. Disaster!!

This was not thought out completely.  What happens if you teach two-(2) differant classes.  The questions will not be the same.  I would like to have all my questions in zoom libaray or somewhere.  For now I launch a pwoerpoint presntation and have them answer in chat.


Same here.  I have a bunch of polls in a "master" meeting only.  Can't seem to move or replicate in the new Surveys & Polls library, which is the purpose of it to begin with - to centralize them.  As well, I can't tidy up my meeting by deleting unneeded or outdated polls.  Simple functionality that's missing.  Do appreciate the new central library, though need some functionality to be added.  I'm sure it's coming soon....I'm an optimist. 😎


After speaking with a representative from Zoom this afternoon, they mentioned a potential work-around... You have to go in and open up your polls within the meeting (as if you were going to run them), there should be a "..." button where you can choose to delete the poll and once you exit the meeting they should be gone. This is obviously a very time consuming way to delete these polls, especially if you are not the host of the meeting. I haven't yet tried, but would love to know if this works!! I believe at the moment, the polls can only be deleted the normal way after a meeting has finished. Zoom is definitely missing a great deal of functionality with this update, hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Thank you for this workaround - it works! I have a recurrent meeting with poll questions that change weekly. I was able to delete the old poll questions by starting a dummy meeting. Much appreciated! 👍

great tip, but it doesn't solve the issue once the meeting is over and you need to delete the list of questions


Correct. Hopefully this gets an update soon.


For now, I kill off the old questions the next time I begin the recurring meeting or start a dummy meeting as suggested.

Thank you. Although deleting/editing the polls from within the webinar worked; it glitched all of my polls during the webinar and wouldn't launch any of them. It kept giving me a 500 Internal Server Error. 

So I had no way of running polls and lost A LOT of potential leads.

Hello I tried what you posted and it does work.  You can delete the poll question from the meeting.  The only issue is see if you do not label the question with the same meeting name you may delete the wrong one.  I have also just updated the poll question that were already listed to the one I need for my trainings.  Either way may work, but it is a pain.  They need to fix this so poll question are only with the training you added it to.


Thanks for the suggestion

Yes, this worked well--enough!


@WavelengthAdmin, thanks for sharing the solution (for now) on how to delete the polls. I have tried it, and can confirm, this method works 


unfortunately the ... only works for PAST meetings which isn't much help.  For a current/future meeting, after you click the ... and click delete, you will be asked to save it but i won't let you save it as it wants a poll question there

Hi @BrentCanada, it sounds like you are just edit window of the meeting, you're right it won't let you delete from there currently. It's a bit hard to explain but you have to physically join the meeting (as if you are about to host/run the meeting), and pull up your polls dialogue box (as if you are about to actually launch the poll live) only from inside the meeting will it let you click the "..." box and actually delete the poll/s, once you end/exit the meeting, you will see that the polls are now gone. 

Thanks @WavelengthAdmin ! If I do that, will the deleted polls still be in the main library?

It's been a real headache for my team, so I'm glad I could help at least in the meantime! If you're hoping they will still appear in the main library then I'm afraid I cannot say for sure. I'm not fully clear on how the library function works because we add our polls to each meeting individually, and when I go to our library there is nothing there. You may need to test it out!

Thanks @WavelengthAdmin I'll test out and let you know what happens! Thank you!!!!

Not sure anyone else has done this but it does delete them from the library. I just deleted a number from a meeting and they are now completely gone 😠


OMG! I've been trying for days to figure this out!


This is horrible!!  I have a set of 8 Professional Developments I do for work.  I created polls for each of them and saved them in a template.  When I would schedule a session, i would use the template and all of the polls would be in there.  Now I have a list of all the polls with no rhyme or reason!!!!!  It is reeking havoc on my work!!! I hate when they do updates!!!!!!!!


There is new link added on the left menu called Surveys. Click there and you should be able to manage your polls and surveys 🙂