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How about an audio meter, always on-screen?


Zoom audio can be excellent, near enough programme-quality hi-fi if we choose appropriate 'music' settings and if every participant has a strong web connection.   But... once a meeting is underway, sometimes at short notice,  we don't want to go faffing back for audio adjustments in the startup frame do we?     

To be certain our audio is going out okay (and we are not yet again muted!!!) a simple level-meter UPFRONT would be just great.  It would also indicate whether or not any track etc that we suddenly need to play in will actually be heard.  Time and again my audio colleagues, and myself, have been tripped up by that.

Meter would ideally be scaleable from very small to huge, and of course it would be possible to hide it.

Could someone here lean on those clever Zoom coders?