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Help on using a video in court


I need some help. I was in court and we normally use Zoom to show videos or audios on a television screen. We all signed into a meeting room. I then hit the share content button and selected iCloud Drive. Within a file on iCloud, I selected a 20 minute video to play. I received a message that said "Frame Load interrupted". It looked like the video came up on the screen. However, when I hit play on my iPad, it would play on the iPad but not on the TV screen. I also could not hear the audio on the screen.


What am I doing wrong or what am I missing?  Thank you. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There is some video production software that produces MP4 files that Zoom’s video player won’t play. I always test-play videos obtained from someone else. If you still can’t play the video, find a video conversion or editing software that will “read” the file, and re-export/render the file. Generally at that point, it will work in a test run in Zoom. If it works in a test, it should always work. 

Another point: be sure to make the file fully downloaded to your computer before attempting to play it. Otherwise, the download may be interfered with by your Zoom session. 

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