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HELP - Microsoft Outlook and Zoom not synch'ed when a meeting moved in Outlook - wrong popups & cal


Our I.T. department rolled out Zoom where Outlook advises Zoom of meetings, and the Zoom app will display a popup reminder at the lower left corner of the Windows screen when the Zoom meeting starts.


Quite often, when the meeting is moved in Outlook, the Zoom app doesn't appear to be notified.   So, 1) the popup appears for all the attendees at the wrong time, and 2) I get email messages that my attendees are joining though it is the wrong time, 3) their Zoom calendar is wrong, and 4) everyone starts emailing the organizer and each other asking "is this meeting still on?".  It's very distracting.


It's not a matter of timing:  sometimes the meeting is moved to the next week, so Outlook and Zoom have days to synchronize, but apparently dont.


It may be possible that this is only for instances of a meeting series - e.g. when an instance of the meeting is moved.


My I.T. department claims there is nothing they can do.   Is this correct?   


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Do you know if they enabled bi - directional calendar sync? 





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I will check, thank you.


However, I note these two statements from the link you provided:


"Note: Currently, this feature only supports updates made to an individual meeting (non-recurring) or an entire series. Changes to a single occurrence in a recurring meeting are not supported and will not sync correctly."


"Note: At this time, when changing the meeting type from a recurring meeting to a single meeting, this feature does not support Office 365."


The first statement at least would seem to be that a requirement of this integration is incomplete.    This alone would lead to all kinds of confusion.      Is a fix on a roadmap?   Other wise this seems like a broken feature.

If you manage Zoom for your organization:


Given that synch is not supported for a moved single instance of a recurring series, my recommendation is to push a global configuration change to disable the zoom meeting popups.


It causes a big productivity loss when Zoom incorrectly indicates that a meeting is starting: users join a meeting that will not occur, users email and chat each other to see if the meeting is still planned, and users are distracted from other tasks they were working on.



longtime problem or us has been that meetings adding from the Zoom side (client app, web, etc) doesn't show up on the synced MS Office Outlook calendar. never found a solution