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HATE the latest website updated


I saw that Zoom recently revised the page for creating new meetings - page has always had a nice look & feel, but recent (unneeded, I'd guess) changes, at least 1 which seems like it was make "just because we could" have made my meeting setups a bit harder.

I setup regular meetings for 12-step groups, and until recently, it's been a breeze.  The meeting title, like almost all text boxes on web pages, "remembers" the last few entries, I select one that's close and just change the date - good to go!  Then, I'd just scroll down and select "allow participants to join anytime", since sometimes members would sign on before the host.

NOW - The text box for meeting title no longer remembers latest entries (my guess is they either made their own control , which doesn't support history, or they deliberately disabled history... why???).  Now I have to keep a .txt file with the subjects so I can copy n' paste/edit, rather than re-type it every time (it's important that the title follow a consistent style)

THEN - scroll down to the bottom, and .... the "allow participants...." option is GONE!  ... wait - there's a "show" / "hide" option - now I have to click that to see what I've always seen before.  Now, this is actually a good option to have - when you need it - generally if the options are long and it make the rest of the page harder to get to since you have to scroll past it - NEITHER of which applies here - there's only FOUR options, and they're at the BOTTOM of the page - why do we need to hide them???  One extra click seems petty, but I work on public facing websites, and this is website 101 rules being ignored, and the MOST common complaint I get from users of my websites is, "now I HAVE to make this extra click to do what I wanted to do" - remember - what the designer/programmer/managers all feel is INVALID if the users find the results to detract from the UX (user experience).

I looks like times I've seen web programmers "improving" a site based on their own ideas ("hey look, I could put a 'hide/show' option here!" - [whether it needs it or not]l), rather than the feedback from the community.

Obviously, I could be wrong about all of this, however I'd like to see the comments calling for removing text box history and imposing a 'hide/show' option for 4 options at the bottom of the screen - ???


Note Taker

If your meetings always use the same names and descriptions, you could create templates to save yourself some time. Here is how they work

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Thanks very much for the timely response, I will definitely look into setting up templates.


I think you can make a template for your self which helps you to use it more smoothly lets visit here and learn about it more.


Yes i Like this