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Glitch after breakout rooms - no camera and mic


I run an online school and some students use Zoom PWA, some join meetings with their Chrome browser, and others use Zoom app on their PC or MAC. Many students have been losing mic and audio upon returning to the main session after being in a breakout room. Others lose mic and audio as soon as they get into the breakout room. The only solution we have found is to leave the meeting and re-join. Is this a Zoom for web browser issue or are others experiencing this when joining meetings on Zoom PWA (on Chromebooks) or with their laptop Zoom app? Any solutions? 



I am having a related problem using Zoom PWA.  The audio and video work fine when I am assigned to  breakout room.  However, when the host closes the breakout rooms, I lose the video but not the audio.  To restore the video, I have to log out of the session and re-enter it.  If there is another breakout session, the same problem occurs with a black screen with the audio continuing.