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Frequently can't click on many Zoom UI elements in Linux


I frequently run into issues where I can't click on stuff. For example, clicking on the "^" arrorws next to the unmute/stop-video buttons doesn't do anything. Similar on the "More" button in the participants list, and the "To:" selector in the Chat. It affects the user-icon menu on the main zoom screen.


Sometimes clicking on them will briefly flicker the submenu up before it dissapears. Sometimes mashing it a hundred times really quick will cause the submenu to open and be useable, but that's very unpredictable.

I'm on 5.15.3, but this has happened in the last two or three major releases at least as well.

I'm using Zoom on Fedora 38, using gnome-shell with Wayland (intel video).



Hi, I am having the same problem on Ubuntu 22.04 + Cinnamon and KDE.  Did you find a fix to the problem?

Nothing yet. As a paid user, i've submitted a support request.


(if this is helpful for anybody) I've found that I can sometimes work around the issue by clicking elsewhere. Eg, if i try to click the in-meeting audio-settings menu (the "up" arrow on the "mute" button), and it doesn't open, clicking the "participants" button will cause the audio menu to open after the fact (but then fail to open the "particpants" pane").