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Fixed Name Tag for Each student


Hello Zoom,


I wanted to request a feature, for this I want to explain the case first and then the Feature needed

For Example :- ‘At a class in a School meeting, some guy joins with other student’s name in the class, by taking the Meeting id and password from a student in my class. And then renames to an abusive name, and starts abusing in the class and we cannot find out who it was because he had renamed itself ’


So I request you to add a feature like, An Organization/School can assign a “Fixed Student id and Student Password” For Each Student at the beginning of the year and send it to its students. and their Names in the meeting under the School/Organization are Fixed. And they cannot rename it in the school meeting, they have to contact the School/Organization Administration so that they change the name assigned to them which was linked with their Student id and password.   


A Feature in which Schools can create 100s of Different Lists of Students of Different classes like

Class 9 has 8 divisions, each division has 40-50 students. so Schools can make a list of Students Name , Students Name Assigned/given For Meeting, Students id and Password for “9th A , 9th B 9th C , 9th D , 9thE,  9th F , 9th G” and save them. So there are 8 lists of 40-50 students each with everyone having Different Student id’s and Passwords. In Folders and Subfolders


So the Email id’s of the Teachers who are working under the school, link their email id’s to Organization/School’s  Email id. So when the teachers generate meeting id’s , They get an option in which they get to Add List of Participants whom only they want to join the meeting ; and can be taken from a option like “List of Participants who can join the Meeting” which was saved by School Administration in Folders and Subfolders . so they select the Folder/Subfolder as whole which they want , which has the list of Participants with fixed names and meeting id’s.

So the participants who are not in the list cannot join.


They cannot join with Different Names and Cannot Rename in the Class/Meeting and Abuse in it or ruin it . And if this feature comes no one will dare to ruin the Class/ Meeting with their original Name Assigned as they can be easily Caught.


This Can be a Revolutionary Change in the Meetings, and none of your competitor has this Feature.

and yes  “Need is the Mother of Invention”


I Hope you Read it Carefully and Bring this Feature


Saurav Mishra





Like School will Assign me Student id "NEU38Q2DDACQ2" and Student Password "nfui3f8qncwa"

i have to enter it in every meeting , and my Name will be automatically change to my Assigned Name like "9F Saurav Mishra" . and i cannot rename it

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Zoom already has some of these abilities, but they just require some configuration on your account. 

Your account can configure Zoom to use your school's login as external authentication. Once that is done, you can then require authentication for participants to join your sessions. We also recently added the ability to restrict name changes before joining a meeting, in certain situations. Check out the web release notes for more info. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.