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Error Code 1132


I keep receiving an error code 1132 on my pc but I can log in fine on my cell phone.  I have tried to put in appeals and it has been over 3 weeks since I haven't been able to log in on my PC. I have tried uninstalling, hardwiring, checking my firewall, etc. and none of it has changed anything. It took Leo 2 weeks to answer me and I really need this fixed for work. Leo said after two weeks of waiting for a reply that it isn't under his department to help me and to basically contact someone else. I think it is a technical support issue since I can log in under other devices just not my PC. The only reason I use zoom is for employee meetings so I am not sure why I would be receiving the error code 1132. 


Has anyone else had this issue and fixed it?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @WYLTKWB for 1132 this appeal will be handled by our Trust & Safety team! I have left an internal note requesting an update on your appeal! 


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Similar boat. Have literally been trying to get back on zoom on my 2021 MacBook Air for over a year now. It’s beyond annoying and feels hopeless. So much so that this pessimistic comment made me feel just a little bit better about the situation when nothing else has. LOL. Especially annoying because I was a paying customer…!