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Erratic Zoom connection


Hello Zoom Community!


I've had a connection issue for my Online Zumba classes ramp up again this week...on Monday and tonight. I test my Internet speed before classes which is fine (Usually 50-100 mbps). In the early portion of class, the class was disconnected from Zoom. Then the window connected again in a few seconds. The meeting stayed connected for the duration of class. It had been a while since I've had this issue...but it happens in waves.  


After class, after apologizing, I asked my class members about the video quality and was told it was lagging a bit. This is another issue the reoccurs from time-to-time.


I've googled these issues and have read that other log-ins Internet can affect their Zoom experience as well. It's very frustrating! Have any of you had this issue? Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


Thank you SO much!  😊