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Embedded Passcode Links for Recurring Meetings


I have recurring church weekly events. If an embedded passcode one-click link is created, can that same one-click link be used for all recurring weekly events?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi  @DD16 ,


Yes, for Recurring meetings, the meeting id and password are the same and therefore, all the links will also stay the same.


If you wanted to, you could change the password in the future, and then there would be a new encoded link created.

If that answers, please mark it as resolved.

all the best with your meetings



@ExpertswhoJohn Is there a setting that I should adjust to make the same embedded passcode one-click link reusable? I used the link 2 weeks ago for my group and it worked for everyone. However, when the group members attempted to use the same embedded passcode link last week, it did not work for anyone. We all had to manually put in the meeting ID and password.