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Do I need to re-schedule meetings if I wasn't on a paid account when I originally booked them?


I work remotely for an executive who operates 80% of her day hosting Zoom meetings. I'm an executive assistant hired from outside the executive's organization. I was granted access under the company's paid accounts to my executive's inbox, Teams, Chat, Google calendar. 


It took us over a month to discover why we were struggling with Zoom links I shared--why, even when I made the executive the organizer, invited her, made it a Zoom meeting, that in fact she was not the host, and couldn't enter meetings scheduled directly from her calendar. It slipped through the cracks that I was not added to their paid account. 


So the question is this: I've been booking meetings on her calendar for over a month. I have now been added to the paid account. Do I need to resend all of the invites I created from her calendar before I was added to the paid account if we want to avoid the "host" problem again?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @LisaJ2023.


No... your meetings are attached to your login/account.  You can create a meeting any time, and Zoom only checks the status of your account when you start the meeting.  So you can schedule a meeting from a Basic account, obtain a Pro license which will allow up to 100 attendees, and if you decide you are going to want to accommodate more than 100 attendees, you can add on the Large Meeting upgrade.  Zoom just checks when your licensing status when start your meeting... and then permits whatever your current licensing allows.


The reverse scenario is also true.  If you've been scheduling meetings that run for an hour or more while on a Pro account, any meetings scheduled while on a Pro account will still be available to you if you cancel your Pro license... but Zoom will check when you start your meeting and see that you are limited to 40 minutes meetings.

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