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Distorted meetings...low bandwidth, unstable internet connection since I upgraded


Distorted meetings...low bandwidth, unstable internet connection since I upgraded. I was prompted to upgrade to the latest version last week, since then I have had three zooms and they have been interrupted by freezing visuals, distorted sound and the whole thing going off for minutes at a time. This is not at all satisfactory and my internet provider says that all is well from their perspective. Thanks!



Similarly, I am seeing users here with the "Unable to connect.  Check to make sure you're connected to a stable network that is not blocked by a firewall or proxy.  Error code: 5003"  Multiple users have this occuring today, and this was historically all good until today.  So solution as of yet.


One of my roles, supporting user's PC, has led me to observe one problem laptop.  This laptop had the Windows Defender setting de-selected for allwong Zoom to operate while inside a firewall.  Once it was now selected, all Zoom tests were good.