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Displaying Multiple gallery pages on triple screen Setup


We are going to host a large meeting with more than 49 participants. We want to be able to assign different page to different monitor so we can see up to 150 participants at once (3 monitors x 49 participants each). Is this possible to do and how? I saw it once at live event I broadcasted but did not ask how it  was done. I outlined some options I have access to if anyone can help it would be awesome. 


1.  use one  MAC computer with 3 screens connected and one host session?

2.  use different Co-Host Computers signed to same meeting each connected to its own monitor. Question: will this allow me to show same people on the same pages or will it display people randomly




This should work. The order is easily changed during the meeting. - 

"Follow Host's Video Order (only available to the host😞 Force all participants to display your custom video order. Participant will not be able to change the order when this is enabled.
Note: The custom order will apply to Gallery View and Active Speaker View for participants using the desktop client, mobile app, or Zoom Rooms."



Have you got any solution? Currently I am facing the same problem.