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Delegating host role to someone outside my "organization"


it took me a long time to understand that you can't just add any Zoom user to the host list.  You can only add a paid (Licensed) user and this user must be added to your  account.


I have someone I need to delegate hosting to. She is a paid licensed user so that should be good. But when I go to add her to my account, I learn that her license then becomes part of my "organization" and she gets a refund and I pay her bill.  Is this the only way to do this? Neither she nor I want to be partners - we just have a one-time need for collaboration.


How do solopreneurs delegate meeting hosting?


Is it possible that I could add her as a Basic user and your system would read that she's a licensed user thereby allowing me to add her as an alternative host?


The only solution I see is for me to give her my login, which can't be a good idea for Zoom security.