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Date format in edit meeting


I had to re-install Zoom and the date format is not right in edit meeting. I have gone to profile and ensured dd/mm/yyyy is selected. The meeting email has the correct format but when I go to edit meeting, or create new meeting, the date is in USA mm/dd/yyyy. I cannot change this and it is very annoying.


Yes my Windows date is correct, I have synced, re-opened Zoom etc to no avail.



 Same problem for me, on both new Mac and Windows versions of Zoom.  Annoying for anyone in the UK when only the US format shows and can't be changed.  4/1/23 is not the same as 1/4/23.  Also, I much prefer the old schedule meetings page which just had a start date and a duration.

I've done a bit of research.  Until Zoom fixes this, there is a workaround - revert to an older Zoom app.  The new Schedule Meeting window (or edit) seems to have been introduced from version 5.12.0, so if you go back to 5.11.11 you'll get the old date format back (it used to show a date as Wed January 4 2023, rather than shortening it to the US format 01/04/2023).  You'll also get back the drop down box for duration, rather than having to set the finish date and time.

For Windows all the Zoom download files are here: 

Yes it is annoying when software engineers produce 'upgrades' which user experience reveals in fact to be 'DOWNGRADES'.