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Concurrent meeting issue




I'm wondering if there are limit on meeting occurring at the same hour with zoom API...


- I have got multiple meeting having the same starting time (same API account for each creation)

- On the front-end side the host are different across meeting


Still host ran into trouble of concurrent meeting while joining.

After reading this
my understanding is that it a limitation of business account.

I really need to be able to launch many concurrent meeting with created with my API account.
Which zoom account type do I need ?


thx for the help



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The concurrent meeting restriction applies to all accounts, just in different ways. Basic users and users on a Pro account are limited to just 1 meeting at a time, while licensed users on Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts can host up to 2 meetings at the same time. I'm not sure what category an API account fits into, but I would check with your Sales rep to find out more. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Thank you for you reply.

I have a business account and I'm using API with it.
This hard limit of 2 concurrent meeting is a limiting our sells and starting to impact existing clients. Is there a work around ? Like having multiple JWT App linked to the same business account ?

Right now we have one JWT App created with our business account (same email address) that we are using to create all our meeting for many clients. Host are different but my understanding is that it doesn't matter since its the underling account. We recently encounter concurrent meeting issue due to user acquisition leading to multiple meeting occurring at the same time.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The concurrent meeting restriction is per user, not overall on the account, but it does count meetings that were scheduled by a particular user but not joined by that host, as it is still their meeting running. 


There are additional options for hosting more than 2 concurrent meetings, but you must contact your Sales Rep to find out more. 

thank you for your reply.

Per user take you. But I'm creating meeting with JWT App and it seem that I can only have one JWT App per account...

API documentation give detail about passing an userId while creating a meeting


So if I understand correctly, I could create one user per client using "create user endpoint".
Then each user could create its meeting. That way they won't be concurrent issue if two different client launch a meeting at the same time, is that it ?