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Cloud Recording Lost due to running out of space during live event


We have a paid account.

I was providing a live training that some could not attend so we promised a recording of the training.  

At the start of the training Zoom Came On to say this session is being recorded and we clicked on "got it". 

I can only guess that we ran out of space during our live recording (which was 1.5 hours) and the recording or even part of it is no where to be found. HELP I cannot recreate this recording, it was live with 45 people.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

My experience with this situation is that a Host may have clicked Local Recording instead of Cloud Recording (or vice versa). Check both locations for your recording.


 If you were not the owner of the Meeting, any Cloud Recording will be in the account of the Meeting owner. Contact the Meeting owner Did assistance.

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