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Cannot sign in to open a zoom meeting. I updated the software. still cannot sign


Zoom is messed up. I can’t sign into my interface to open a meeting but I can sign into the admin page.  I tried to get tech support and was redirect to HOWLY which is fraudulent website that charged my credit card 10 x with $49 without my permission.  When I try to sign on through my ipad, the keyboard has no shift key so I cannot enter my password.  what chaos!  I deleted the app and downloaded the newest version  and still cannot log in with a new password.  I’m  at the point that I need to delete zoom for good.  Any suggestions?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Manny1 I am a bit confused by your discussion. Im curious on were/how you were directed to "howly", when attempting to access Zoom Technical Support? From here after logging into your Zoom account, you will see the available support options for you - based on your Zoom Plans and Support Options. 


And I'd advise for making future Zoom license purchases from Please report any Fraud to 


Where exactly are you having issues signing into? For your signing-in issues, there should be no different in sign-in options from vs the Zoom desktop client ⤵️



Zoom Community Moderator

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